2022 Battle Of The Chefs Results

By May 10, 2022 All News

Congratulations to everyone involved in the Battle of the Chefs last Friday held here at St Peter’s Catholic College.

Eight schools within the Diocese of Broken Bay came together to battle it out to claim their victory and title as winner of Battle of the Chefs in the Diocese. The competition was rife, as students delved into their culinary expertise to create, serve and deliver on quality from concept to completion.

First on the menu was a mystery box challenge, where students were given 60 minutes to plan and develop a menu from ingredients such as pork fillet, green beans, capsicum, carrots, leek, mushrooms and bacon rashers. This was certainly no easy feat, these students took it in their stride and showcased their hospitality skills they have learned from their VET Educators and displayed their commitment to learning.

Next up was the Dessert Challenge – Apple Crumble Tart with Sauce Anglaise. The standards rose to new heights this year, with students delivering dishes that would give a well seasoned Chef a run for their money. These tarts were just desserts and delivered visually, textualy and on taste that matched resteraunt quality.

Always an amazing day for our potential chefs and observers. Well done to all who assisted, participated and were successful. St Peters is very happy to share our industry standard Hospitality facilites.

Click here to view a presentation that has been prepared which highlights the day and announces the winners.