Contributing to a vibrant and innovative learning environment

Parent Engagement

Research is consistent in demonstrating that families have a major influence on their children’s achievement in school and throughout life. When schools, families and communities work together to support learning children tend to do better in school, stay at school longer and like school more. Parent participation will foster a strong sense of community and will engender a welcoming environment for everyone.


Please support your child

To ensure your child obtains their maximum potential we request your involvement in one or more of the following activities:

Parent Network

Meet once per month. This is not a fundraising committee. Download The 2019 Parent Network Flyer Here. Contact Melissa Daniels 0419 216 606.


The Canteen cannot operate without parent support.

Work Placement

Students undertaking Vocational Education and Training courses are required to undertake 70 hours of unpaid work.


Assistance needed from time to time covering books etc.


Rock Eisteddfod/Musicals e.g. Costume making, fundraising etc.

Reading Assistance

One on one, approx. one hour per week or fortnight.

Career profiles

Guest speakers on career paths.


We will be delighted to hear your suggestions.

Your name will go onto a database and when we need volunteers, we will contact you and invite you to participate.

Please consider the above areas where you can contribute and do not underestimate your ability to make a difference no matter how small a contribution you can make.