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Our mission is to bring each student to the fullness of life through witness to Jesus Christ by “Living the Faith”.

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Annual Report & School Improvement Plan

Download The Annual Report 2018 Click Here

Retrospective Annual Report for 2019 is due for publication in August 2020.

School Improvement Plan

Each year the College develops a School Improvement Plan (SIP) which identifies key areas of the College strategic plan to focus on the given year.

There are three key areas the School Improvement Plan focuses on:

  1. Catholic Life and Mission
  2. Pastoral care and Student Wellbeing
  3. Teaching and Learning

The College School Improvement Plan is aligned to the College CELL Framework.

"Towards Excellence" Vision and School Improvement Plan 2018-2023 Click Here
CELL Framework

The ‘CELL’ framework (Connecting, Engaging, Learning, Leading) underpins all we do as a contemporary Catholic school to empower our students to become responsible citizens as leaders of our community throughout the 21st century.

The St Peter’s Catholic College ‘CELL’ Framework focuses on the importance of creating multiple levels of student connections. These connections combined with encouraging greater levels of student engagement in College activities are supported by a learning pedagogy that enhances intellectual quality within a quality learning environment. Our challenge is that we must make this learning significant to the students so that they can respond to the challenges they face as leaders in the 21st century.

Connecting at St Peter’s connecting means active involvement in developing positive relationships and wellbeing within the College community.
Engaging at St Peter’s engaging means active involvement in a variety of significant College experiences that empower each individual to make a difference.
Learning at St Peter’s learning means active involvement in a process underpinned by new ideas, relevance, success and independence that develop skills required for lifelong learning.
Leading at St Peter’s we are all leaders. All members of our community demonstrate initiative, self-challenge, and responsibility for their own learning and actions.
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