Books Are Magic!

By October 23, 2020 All News

What a wonderful Book Week this has been, where a range of bookish Library activities and competitions culminated today in a colourful and cheerful Book Week Costume Parade. A range of treasured fictional characters could be seen parading around Karinya during Break 1 – after devouring the old sausage-bread made by our student leaders. The participation in the parade was higher than expected. With most students and teachers in costumes, we created a wonderfully positive and uplifting atmosphere. This was just what we needed after a rather challenging year. Today not only proved that we cherish books and reading, but it also demonstrated our community spirit at St. Peter’s Catholic College.  

Never forget the power of books and reading:

“Reading challenges, empowers, bewitches, and enriches. Books move us to tears, open up our lives to new insights and understandings, inspire us, organise our existences and connect us with all creation. Surely there can be no greater wonder.” (Steven Roger Fischer)