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Debating and Public Speaking are incorporated into the school curriculum to develop oral confidence, poise, fluency, assertiveness and logical thought.

The students receive tuition in all facets of these subjects – the development of argument, persuasion, speech skills and logic. Some lessons occur outside of school hours.

  • Students are encouraged to work as a team to develop a strong, coherent argument for the audience. Teamwork, quick thinking and general knowledge play a vital role in the success of a debating team.
Public Speaking 
  • Enhances the self-esteem, confidence and poise of the individual. Every student in the school is involved in the annual Public Speaking Competition.
  • The College competes in a number of competitions and we participate in debates with neighbouring schools.
Josie Mitchell Debating Competition

Annually, the Josie Mitchell Debating Contest occurs between Years 7 and 8 students from St Peter’s Catholic College, St Joseph’s College, MacKillop College and the Central Coast Grammar School. Each team competes in four separate debates across Term 2. Finals are held at the end of all four rounds and students receive participation certificates, final winners receive medals and the winning school receives the perpetual trophy.

Josie Mitchell Public Speaking Contest

The Josie Mitchell Public Speaking event is an inter-school contest that challenges students to speak publicly in front of their peers, parents and the local community. Not only are St Peter’s students involved but also students from St Joseph’s Catholic College, MacKillop College and at times the Central Coast Grammar School. One representative from each year group from 7 to 10 is selected to compete in the contest. Award winners are issued with medals and there are perpetual trophies ‘up for grabs’ for the winning schools. The contest occurs in the third school term annually and is enjoyed by all.