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St Peter’s students embrace learning and pursue excellence in all they do.

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Enrichment Programs

At St Peter’s Catholic College it is believed that what happens to a student in the College should have a significant positive effect on the processes of learning.

Each student is unique, and therefore, all learning experiences must take into account, the abilities, interests, and learning styles of the individual. St Peter’s provides quality enrichment and extension programs for the students within the College. Qualified teachers trained in Gifted Education, provide support and programs for enrichment and extension classes across the Key Learning Areas.


  • Extension classes for HSC subjects
  • Variety of competitions
  • Study Skills
  • Maths Challenge
  • Night of the Notables (Year 8): Night of the Notables commenced in 2003. Night of the Notables is predominantly about transformation. Through a long and deep study of a famous person (preferably Australian), each student comes to realise both the gifts and the challenges that their chosen person has encountered in moving from potential to success. The student’s ‘transformation’ comes through identification with that Notable. The motivations, aspirations and values of that Notable, then serve as excellent role models.


  • Debating
  • Musical competitions, e.g. Eisteddfods


Local, regional, national and international activities in which students participate.  For example:

  • Parish based Church in Action excursions to Sydney
  • Indigenous Spiritual Tour to Central Australia
  • Overseas visits to Cambodia and Bali with a social justice focus


  • Dance Group – A mixed gender group that compete and excel in numerous competitions.
  • College Musical – Performed every second year.
  • Dance Art School
  • Drama Art School


  • Peripatetic – Students learn a variety of instruments and can obtain vocal tuition from external instructors co-ordinated with their timetables.
  • Jazz Band Art School
  • Choir Art School


Students are provided the opportunity to represent  in a wide variety of sports at various levels:

  • School
  • Regional including Diocesan
  • State
  • National