HBL House Competition

By August 4, 2021 All News

The HBL Challenges have been put together by the teachers at St Peter’s to ensure that students are connected to the school during their time at home. The challenges to date have been very successful and have gone out in homerooms to complete as a group for their House.

The first challenge centred around how well students knew their teachers. Students were asked cryptic questions such as ‘If they could only eat one food for every meal for the rest of their life, which teacher would choose to eat Tacos?’, or ‘Which teacher starts their day by stirring their morning cup of tea “widdershins” which is an anciant pagan term for “counter-clockwise” so that they dispel any bad energy before they start their day?’

On St Benedict day each homeroom was challenged to take a group ‘photo’ inspired by the colour red during their zoom. A further challenge was set for each group to take a ‘crazy virtual background’ photo. During homeroom last week, students were given a list of baby photos and asked to work out which cute baby grew into which teacher. Not one homeroom knew all of their teachers well enough to identify them all. However, homerooms were also set the challenge around how well they new St Peter’s, with questions around the college history, it’s geography and about St Peter himself. The challenges to date have been well recieved with students and teachers alike enjoying the fun!

Moving forward, the HBL challeges are being focused on the Olympics with physical challenges. Part 2 of the baby photos are going ahead, as well as a ‘Connection with Nature’ challenge designed by the English staff.

There are further challenges to come. So keep your eyes peeled! Let’s see which House is going to be the most connected during HBL!