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Principal Tim Hildebrandt
Assistant Principal Peter Higgins
Religious Education Co-ordinator Steve Hopley
Business Manager Karen Peters
Administration Co-ordinator Sue English
Leader of Pedagogy Ian Burke
Stage 6 Co-ordinator Sandra Haines
Stage 5 Co-ordinator Sharon Rochford
Stage 4 Co-ordinator Tony Brosnan/Michelle O’Keefe
Pastoral Co-ordinators Year 12 Czes Lawicki
Year 11 Andrew Lomax
Year 10 Aidan Taylor
Year 9 Adam Beavis
Year 8 Michelle O’Keefe
Year 7 Tony Brosnan
Counsellors Tamara Hughes  and Caroline Zavolokin
Key Learning Area Co-ordinators
Religious Education Co-ordinator Steve Hopley
Assistant Religious Education Co-ordinator/Assistant Youth Ministry Co-ordinator Leanne Glassock
Acting English Co-ordinator Natalie Jones
Mathematics Co-ordinator Teresa Michell
Assistant Mathematics Co-ordinator Kelly Li
Science Co-ordinator Michele Massey
Assistant Science Co-ordinator Wade Marquart
HSIE Co-ordinator Richard Miles
Assistant HSIE Co-ordinator Luke Diviney
TAS Co-ordinator Owen Preston
Assistant TAS Co-ordinator Michael Wellings
ICLT Co-ordinator Tom Goodwin
Creative Arts Co-ordinator Ian Burke
Visual Arts Co-ordinator Louise Tome
Learning Support Co-ordinator Chris Robilliard
PDHPE Co-ordinator Lisa Franks
Sports Co-ordinator Nicole Higgins
Careers/Pathways Co-ordinator/VET Co-ordinator Pauline Dibb
Teacher in Charge Languages Jenni Dowdell
Teacher Librarian Marit Skarstein
Youth Ministry Co-ordinator Michael Tobin
BOSTES Co-ordinator/Pre-Service Practicum Co-ordinator Annette McLean

Key Roles