About Us

College Mission Statement

Our Mission is to challenge our students through a focus on excellence

St Peter’s students are brought to a fullness of life through witness to Jesus Christ and nurtured through a comprehensive curriculum that provides spiritual, intellectual, emotional and communal growth.

At St Peter’s we:

  • Form young people in Catholic discipleship;
  • Provide challenging learning experiences that engage students in innovative and collaborative practices;
  • Build authentic relationships which underpin a safe, caring and supportive community;
  • Develop respect for self, others and the environment where dignity is paramount;
  • Promote resilience and positive well-being;
  • Pursue excellence and celebrate our successes.
Core values

Faith is a lived experience. We are challenged to make our beliefs a real part of how we live our lives, and how we relate to our world. We are called to be witnesses to our faith in the ways in which we show our love and care form one another in the celebration of our Catholic identity which enriches us spiritually, and in our striving for positive teaching and learning experiences for all. In this way, faith is a life giving and a life changing experience.

At St Peter’s Catholic College our three core values are a means by which we live the Catholic Faith. These Values are: