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Overseas Exchanges


The trip to Cambodia/Vietnam takes place every 2 years. The aim is to promote a  global awareness of those less fortunate than ourselves while at the same time developing personal cultural sensitivity through this very rewarding social justice programme.

Students who have travelled to Cambodia have experienced many emotions when they witnessed living conditions they found very confronting.  The students began to understand that material wealth is not a priority in these countries. Family is what is important. Students have also developed a cultural sensitivity towards the people of these countries that will stay with them forever.

Student’s reflections

“I learnt a lot from listening to Jan from Tabitha. I really enjoyed it. Building the houses was very fulfilling. The first day I was overwhelmed, sore and stressed but I really appreciated the next day. Finishing the houses, playing with the small children and watching the community gave me an experience I will never forget. I’ve never felt that before.”

“The people are so accommodating and kind. I would recommend the trip for those who want a change in their lives and feel the satisfaction of helping someone less fortunate than ourselves.” 



SPCC Secures Federal Grant to Undertake Arts Project

In 2012, St Peter’s Catholic College Tuggerah was awarded a $20,000 grant to promote Asian perspectives across the curriculum. The ‘Becoming Asia Literate Grants for Schools’ (BALGS) project was used to develop teaching resources and cross-curricular links between Senior Music and Dance classes at the College.

A major outcome of the project was the creation of Balinese influenced performance pieces by senior Music and Dance students. These works, composed by Music students and choreographed by Dance students, were a blend of contemporary styles and traditional Balinese practices and allowed for very close collaboration between the students involved.

St Peter’s has a strong tradition of student exposure to Balinese music. The College has its own Balinese Gong Kebyar ensemble where Balinese music can be created. As part of the project, the Department’s Media Lab was upgraded to allow digitally sampled gamelan sounds to be manipulated and incorporated into in the composition process. The works were then choreographed by Dance students who explored new ways of using traditional Balinese techniques in more contemporary contexts. The result was a fusion of traditional and western styles both in music and dance composition.

It has been an exciting journey and one which has been full of collaboration and discovery.

Cultural Exchanges to Bali

As a follow up to the project, and due to such a high level of student interest, students travelled to Bali in 2013 and 2014 to train with Balinese musicians and dancers. Based in Ubud; the cultural heart of the island, our students spent their time engaged in daily workshops, nightly performances of gamelan and dance and tours of the island. There are also visits to a local high school and an orphanage for disabled children offered students an opportunity to support local projects. A 25km long bike ride through small villages and terraced rice fields, gives everyone an insight into the ‘real Bali’. This exchange is a wonderful experience and provides an educational emersion far beyond the scope of the normal classroom.


“I wanted to share with you the gratitude we have in relation to our son’s experience gained during the recent trip to Bali. What a wonderful opportunity for students to learn about another culture through music and dance.

I am so glad my son was able to do so much on this trip. Personally we feel that this was definitely worth the cost for him to have had such enlightenment, amongst peers, and also under the guidance of teachers who are so passionate about what each student would achieve. Thank you for supporting this memorable trip.”

Quote from a parent whose son participated in the 2013 experience