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Representative Sport is an important part of the College Sports Program and it is highly recommended for those students with the talent, special skills and a commitment to pursue sport at a much higher level. It also encourages sportsmanship and social development as they meet other students from a wide cross-section of schools in a friendly but competitive atmosphere.

At St. Peter’s the opportunity is given to students to represent the College in our target sports of:

  • swimming
  • athleticst
  • cross country
  • netball
  • rugby league
  • rugby union
  • girls and boys soccer
  • cricket
  • touch football (boys/girls, mixed)
  • surfing
  • surf lifesaving
  • basketball
  • squash
  • water polo
  • tennis
  • Aus tag

The students, if selected, may progress to represent at a Diocesan level, State, Catholic school/State level or National level.