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Our mission is to bring each student to the fullness of life through witness to Jesus Christ by “Living the Faith”.

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Student Welfare

Pastoral Care

The focus of Pastoral Care at St Peter’s Catholic College is a caring and compassionate community that recognises the dignity and talents of all its members.

At St Peter’s we work together to build a world that is Christ-centred by assisting students and staff to integrate their faith, their culture and their life experiences.

Pastoral Care Policy:
  • Fosters positive relationships between students and staff based on cooperation and mutual respect.
  • Recognises the importance of a professional and committed staff.
  • Is part of an essential partnership of the college with parents and the wider community.
  • Encourages students to take responsibility for their learning and actions and it is directed at preparing students to be informed, active and involved in creating a better world.
Pastoral Care Outcomes:
  • The development of positive relationships.
  • Empowerment for students, staff and parents.
  • Recognition of the importance of dignity, self-esteem and resilience.
  • The development of social awareness.
  • The development of a supportive community for all members.
  • The development of earth consciousness and stewardship of the earth and its resources.
  • The importance of the celebration of life.
  • The recognition and reduction of those risk factors that may impair the promotion of positive relationships, effective communication and positive regard.
To Achieve This:
  • We encourage the spiritual formation of students, through religious and liturgical experiences and guide them to become young men and women of strong faith and morals.
  • We offer a safe environment for all students to grow and develop through the strength of our Pastoral Care Program.
  • We provide excellence in teaching and learning through the strong curriculum leadership of the KLA Coordinators, and dedication of all teachers.
  • We offer a broad curriculum to cater for all levels of student ability.
  • We create a culture/ethos where student excellence is encouraged and fostered in all areas of the curriculum.
  • We encourage and support the development of students through a strong co-curricular program in the areas of Religion, Creative Arts and Sport.
  • We have teams working towards collaborative decision making to ensure all have a voice.
  • We encourage care and concern for our immediate and the global environment.

Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice recognises all communities need to be based on positive relationships and where those relationships have been harmed then actions need to be undertaken to improve the damaged relationship.

Restorative Justice focuses on the human nature of a breakdown in relationships not just the “crime” that has been committed against a society. The person who has been wronged, takes an active role in the process, while the person who has damaged their relationship with another, is encouraged to take responsibility for their actions; “to repair the harm they’ve done”. By helping individuals recognise their impact on others, Restorative Justice Practices provide help for the offender to avoid future offences.