Year 11 Trade Readiness Program

By May 21, 2021 All News

Year 11 Mathematics Standard 1, have had the opportunity to work closely with Brett Walsh from @TAFENSW. Student’s focus was around Math’s in Trades, with students exploring the world of Painting and Interior Design through @TAFENSW Trade Readiness Program. Students were given the task of designing and painting a mural within a Mathematics classroom.

Monday saw Brett Walsh @TAFENSW introduce our 11 Mathematics Standard 1 students to the world of Painting and Interior Design through the Trade Readiness Program. Students were given a Tool-Box talk and developed a Risk Assessment for the week-long project. Before spending the remainder of the day developing skills in preparing materials and undercoating.

A big thank you to John from @DukesProtectiveCoating for sharing his insights into the world of trades and what it takes to be successful in work and business. Students really engaged in this learning opportunity giving the class a buzz for the remainder of the day. Thanks to Fynn @TrainingServicesNSW for organising this.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday saw students busily working on the mural and their individual projects. Students were challenged to blend their own colours and work collaboratively to design and paint the 3D mural. Feedback from the students was that “it’s great to see how our Maths is applied in the real world” and that “the skills we are developing are going to be transferable as we venture out into the real world.

Friday saw students put the finishing touches onto the mural as well as engage in 1 to 1 interviews with an industry expert. The interviews aimed to challenge students around the skills that they have developed over the week. As well as providing them an opportunity to discuss possible future direction within the construction industry.

Overall this was an amazing week with high levels of engagement and positive feedback from all students involved. I hope you enjoy your new mural Miss Milne.

Mr Lynch