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The St Peter’s College Leadership is responsible for the learning and wellbeing of all our school community. Our Senior Leadership Team plays an integral part in overseeing the implementation of the College Vision and School Improvement Plan. The Middle Leadership Team and other College Leaders are responsible for the implementation of the College Vision and SIP through the Learning Framework which includes our wellbeing program. Providing a voice to all our learners are the Student Leaders. At St Peter’s we pride ourselves in collaborating across all leadership teams to ensure a safe and thriving learning environment.

College Leadership Team

Senior Leadership Team
Other Key Roles in the College
College Principal Mr Tim Hildebrandt Aboriginal Education Worker Miss Jorja Poulton
Assistant Principal – Evangelisation and Catechesis Mr Steve Hopley Senior Administration Officer Mrs Moira McAuley
Assistant Principal – Student Achievement Mrs Roisin McVeigh Careers and Pathways Mrs Pauline Dibb
Director of Wellbeing Mrs Candice Little College Counsellors Mrs Tamara Goldrick

Mrs Tatjana Domazet

Leader of Pedagogy Mr Ian Burke Enrolment Registrar Mrs Linda Selfridge
Director of Studies Mrs Sandra Haines ICLT / eLearning / Compass Mr Tom Goodwin
Business Manager Mrs Tracey DiGiuseppe Learning Support Coordinator Mrs Christine Robilliard
Administration Coordinator Mrs Sue English Leader of Professional Growth and Accreditation Mrs Annette McLean
Clergy – Wyong Parish Fr. Raul Balute Leader of Learning Sport Mrs Nicole Higgins
Teacher Librarian Mrs Marit Skarstein
Youth Minister Mr Michael Tobin
Leaders of Learning
Year Coordinators
Religious Education Mr Steve Hopley

Mrs Leanne Glassock

Year 7 Mr Tony Brosnan
Drama Mrs Natalie Jones Year 8 Mr Czes Lawicki
English Mrs Natalie Jones Year 9 Mr Andrew Lomax
HSIE Mr Richard Miles Year 10 Mr Aidan Taylor
Languages  Mrs Roisin McVeigh Year 11 Mrs Michelle O’Keefe
Mathematics Mrs Teresa Michell Year 12 Mr Adam Beavis
Music Mr Ian Burke

Mrs Sandra Haines

PDHPE Mrs Lisa Wilkins
Science Mr Wade Marquart
Technologies  Mr Michael Wellings
Visual Arts Mrs Nicola Oram
Vocational Education and Training Mrs Pauline Dibb
2021/2022 Student Leaders

College Captain,
Annelise Brazier

College Captain,
Joseph Mergan

Senior Leaders
College Captains Annelise Brazier Joseph Mergan
College Vice Captains Victoria Tracey Mason Wells
Portfolio Captains
Creative Arts Gabrielle Li Victoria Tracey
Environment Alexandra Fraser Bethany Worrall
Learning Georgia Bate Denis Webb
Social/Publicity Jayden Delbridge Leonardo Azocar
Wellbeing Mika Hosoi Greta Newman
Youth Ministry Shannon Clark Jade Harrison
House Captains
Benedict Alexander Blum Mason Wells
Francis Taj Gale Charli McDonald
Patrick Olivia Arigho Sarah Murphy
Vincent Natalie Hotham Ethan Hicks