We embrace learning, pursue excellence and care for self and others.



Learning and Wellbeing

St Peter’s Learning Framework provides a roadmap for learning and wellbeing, promoting learner growth and excellence through evidence-based initiatives that are knowledge and skill-based and leverage technology.

Embrace Learning

Learning and teaching is the core business of schooling.  St Peter’s Learning Framework articulates key elements of high-quality teaching and highly effective learning practices. Grounded in contemporary research, the Learning Framework responds to current education policies at Federal, State, and Diocesan levels and strategically promotes the development of a contemporary and innovative learning culture within the College, enabling our learners to thrive and flourish.

Care for self and others through positive wellbeing

The St Peter’s community recognises the wellbeing of learners is paramount to their success. Wellbeing and learning are inextricably linked and learners who are successful, happy, healthy and productive, enjoy high levels of wellbeing. Positive wellbeing promotes success and generates high levels of resilience and learner commitment. Our Learning Framework and Wellbeing Model reflect this strong connection.

At St Peter’s we communicate our learning and wellbeing through our online portal: COMPASS.