Do students have to sit a selective test prior to entry?

The enrolment intake is comprehensive and there is no academic selection test required prior to confirming a place at St Peter’s.

St Peter’s is proud of its academic achievements. The College follows a robust curriculum and aims to implement rigorous strategies to ensure each student is provided opportunities to reach their potential and beyond.

St Peter’s offers a Learning Support program through our Adaptive Education department for students who require further support.

Who can enrol in a Catholic school?

Children from all families who are prepared to support Catholic ideals and principles may be considered eligible for enrolment at St Peter’s.

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Does my child have to be baptised or attend a church to enrol at the School?

The College, while a Catholic College following the Catholic tradition is multi-denominational and enrols families of many different faiths when places are available.
It is not necessary to be Baptised or to attend a church. Each student though, will be required to attend Catholic Studies classes and to attend Mass for the duration of the time they are at St Peter’s.

What part does Religious Education play in the curriculum?

It is at the heart of Catholic education.  It informs and influences all learning in the school and is integrated throughout the curriculum.  Religious Education is provided in many ways.  In the classroom, students follow the Religious Education Curriculum approved by the head of the church in their Diocese.  Students also participate in reflection days and retreats, in the liturgical and prayer life of the school.

How much are the school fees?

Funds for Catholic systemic schools are government grants, school fees, and other private income such as subject levies and parish grants.  Annual tuition fees for children attending Catholic systemic schools are set by a schools board.  It is the policy of the board to keep fees to a minimum.

The Catholic Schools Office remain firm in their commitment, especially during this period of COVID-19, that no family will be denied Catholic education due to financial difficulties.


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