Contributing to a vibrant and innovative learning environment

Learner-Centred Approach
At St Peter’s we focus on developing our learners to ensure they achieve their best academically, spiritually, emotionally and socially as well as advance their faith formation, through a wide range of opportunities.

St Peter’s students are challenged daily to embrace learning, to pursue excellence in all its forms and to take ownership of their learning.

We develop the ‘whole person’ and  pursue excellence through opportunities such as: 

Authentic Learning and Diverse Curriculum 

Our Extension and Enrichment Program 

Parish links

✓ Youth Ministry and Social Justice

✓ School-community programs

We communicate with our learners through:

✓ Our COMPASS Portal

✓ Various Newsletters, Assemblies and College Websites. 

Our expectations are founded on our Guiding Principles:

St Peter’s learners are aspirational, and above all, responsible for their learning. They strive to build positive relationships which are trusting, respectful and authentic. They understand that their success as learners is founded on positive attitudes, strength of character and a commitment to achieving their best. St Peter’s learners celebrate their personal success and encourage the success of those around them who also strive for excellence. Our community believes that an emphasis on learning, without a commensurate focus on wellbeing, diminishes the potential of all learners to be successful and fulfilled individuals, now and into the future.