Thankyou to all of the wonderful staff who have gave up their own time for extra study/revision for the students.

Susan Leishman

I enjoyed meeting my daughters teachers tonight. Teachers with passion, giving encouraging feedback, focusing on strengths. 😀

Kylie Roboldi

The support here is above and beyond. My son’s first day and he came home and said he loved it. He now comes home every day wanting to tell me how his day was because he is so happy and comfortable and so well cared for.

Michelle Miller

I really like the new facilities. The Community is very welcoming and very safe and homely. I really like that the students are really happy and excited to come to school every day.

Isabella – Senior St Peter’s Student

I have a daughter in Year 8 and a son starting. We have become much more contemporary in our learning. The students are taking much more control over their learning.

Czes Lawicki – Parent and Teacher

Going to St Peter's is really fun because I've got a good group of friends and it's really nurturing. They're looking to help you out and teach you what you need to know for work.

Lara Davis, St Peter's Student

St Peter's is a caring and supportive environment. Lots of open spaces and great facilities. My two kids are very happy and feel very supported at St Peter's.

Ian Burke

As a parent of a student at this College, I cannot recommend it highly enough to any prospective parents. The staff go above and beyond to know each student as an individual and to meet their needs accordingly. Wonderful setting, great IT facilities and fantastic, regular communication between staff and parents. The new building works planned will be a wonderful addition to this already amazing school.

Bev Mylchreest

The school is EXCEPTIONAL. They have upgraded many areas in the school - carpets throughout for one and improving facilities for students and teachers is a priority of the school. They are building a new library and classrooms. Not only this, the academic achievements of the students, for example the HSC results, shows the dedication of the teachers to delivering quality education.

Mark Allan

My three kids and two grand kids are there now. All have respect and good lives.

Anne Yule

St Peter's is a fantastic school that provides a quality education. As a parent of three children attending the school, I would highly recommend St Peter's to anyone looking for a supportive, catholic education for their child.

Rachell Kohl

My daughter had a orientation day at St Peter's for year 7. The poor child was so worried and scared and nervous as she knew only one boy. I would like to thank the school as Tia had a great day. When i picked her up she was very excited.
Tia not only made a friend but organised to travel with her to school and home by train and bus. It was such a relief to have my daughter get in the car smiling and saying that she cant wait to go to school next year.

Onya Maher

Each of my three boys went to St Peter's and each are as different as chalk and cheese. Each were treated as individuals and with dignity. They had a fruitfull school life and I am sure they will look back on this time with fondness.

Julie Goodwin