Build trusting relationships and make learning authentic.

Inspire, Create And Show Compassion.

Our educators’ excitement and love of learning permeate what they do and that transforms our learners. St Peter’s educators are empowered as co-designers and co-learners and work collaboratively to share and develop professional practice. To view St Peter’s Learning Framework click here.

At St Peter’s learning is at the core of what we do and so our educators know their content and use contemporary pedagogy to bring learning alive. Our educators go further than what is expected each and every day.

To an educator teaching is more than just a job it is a calling, a vocation where we are committed to inspiring passion in our learners. Our learners are inspired and supported by committed educators who are dedicated to building momentum and propelling students forward.

Commitment To Professional Learning

Our passionate and dedicated educators understand the value of quality and explicit teaching and the power of positive relationships. Our educators are consistent and committed in their implementation of learning across the College and are being guided by the St Peter’s Learning Framework. Our educators recognise these are the essential components for learner wellbeing and engagement in a dynamic learning environment. The entire St Peter’s community is committed to ensuring the pursuit of excellence in a safe and caring environment.

Our teachers are accredited under the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST) and the Great Teaching Inspired Learning actions. Many of our experienced teachers come from industry and business backgrounds and bring with them a richness of working with ‘real world’ situations.  Collectively our educators believe in their ability to make a positive difference for our young people as we work towards our mantra of “Everybody, all of the time”. 

Our educators strive to build positive relationships that are trusting, respectful and authentic. They understand that the success of our learners is founded on positive attitudes, strength of character and promoting a commitment to achieving their best.

Staff contact details are found in COMPASS. 


At St Peters we value the contribution made by individuals to the collective effort of our community. We also acknowledge and thank our educators who have shown sustained commitment, compassion and courage to our community, colleagues, our young people and families, and model our Guiding Principles.



International Social Justice and Ministry
Our Principal, Mr Hildebrandt,  and our Youth Minister, Michael Tobin, were guests of the Director of Catholic Schools for the Archdiocese of Fiji. This is part of ongoing relationships for learning opportunities for our own students and supporting the Fijian schools to develop their own youth ministry and faith formation structures.


Mrs Nicole Higgins, our Leader of Learning: Sport, embraces learning through her ongoing commitment to upgrading her qualifications. She has recently completed her Certificate IV in Fitness for delivery of Fitness (VET) and she is currently upgrading her Certificate in Sports Coaching. Mrs Higgins understands the concept of being a life-long learner.



Mrs Caroline Zavolokin has been our College Counsellor for since 2006. Her 14-year commitment to caring for others will be greatly missed as she continues her role at St Joseph’s and pursues excellence, taking up a teaching and mentoring role at the University of Newcastle. Thank you Caroline.





Students and teachers working together caring for others at Coast Shelter serving those in our wider community who are less fortunate than themselves. The St Peter’s community is proud to be part of the program.