Provides a contemporary and safe learning environment.


Address: St Peter’s Catholic College
84 Gavenlock Road, Tuggerah, NSW 2259
Phone: 7256 2125

St Peter’s Catholic College is located in a magnificent 16 hectare bush setting on the picturesque Central Coast and in close proximity to spectacular lakes and beaches. 
We are situated just 40 minutes north of Sydney and within easy walking distance to Tuggerah station. The commitment of St Peter’s to caring for the environment is mirrored in the vast open spaces which include native gums and natural wetlands.

The College provides air-conditioned contemporary learning spaces, including  Science Laboratories, specialised Art, Drama and Music areas and Technology areas. 
We have a new state of the art Library, 280 seat Theatre, Trade Training Centre, a College Hall and Chapel, Fitness and Wellbeing gymnasium and extensive covered areas, outdoor seating and numerous sporting facilities, ovals and playing fields for our community.

Why St Peter’s?

We are an inclusive and compassionate Catholic community committed to the pastoral care and wellbeing of the individual and community.

We embrace diversity of learner gifts, capabilities and dispositions. We strive with our learners to find their passions and to achieve their best through engaging and challenging opportunities. 

We are guided by the St Peter’s Learning Framework to promote learning and wellbeing. 

✓ We have a strong focus on knowing our learners and promoting learner growth to achieve his or her unique potential.

We are widely recognised as an award-winning College, acknowledged for our teaching and learning excellence and our contemporary and safe learning environment.

✓ Our Graduates possess a sense of curiosity and a willingness to challenge themselves in their endeavours. They have an intrinsic desire to achieve their potential as they pursue excellence.

✓ We collaborate through a global partnership of 1400 schools in seven countries to promote New Pedagogies for Deep Learning (NPDL) developing our knowledge and skills-based learning design.