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Our mission is to bring each student to the fullness of life through witness to Jesus Christ by “Living the Faith”.

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Sport at St. Peter’s Catholic College provides students with the opportunity to develop a healthy lifestyle and interact in a cooperative and competitive way with other students. Students have the opportunity to represent the College in external competitions in a variety of sports as well as a comprehensive and progressive internal sport program from Years 7 to 10.

The Sports Program aims to:
  • Provide the opportunity for every student to participate in a wide variety of sports and activities.
  • Promote physical fitness and a desire to participate in regular exercise.
  • Introduce and develop specific skills in particular sports and activities.
  • Facilitate the interaction of teachers, peers and students from other schools outside the normal classroom setting.
  • Gain a sense of comradeship, belonging and pride within the school.
  • Learn the true spirit of competition and co-operation in sport, i.e. winning is not everything.
  • Encourage students to just ‘have a go’ and enjoy themselves.
  • Enable the more skilled students to advance themselves in the representative sphere e.g. Diocesan, NSW (State) or National level.
  • Enhance the students’ holistic educational process.
  • Provide the opportunity for every student to participate in the College Swimming and Athletics Carnivals.