Year 7 2022 Taster Day

Applications to commence Year 7 in 2022 and beyond are currently open.

It’s our community that makes us different.

St Peter’s is a caring and compassionate community where the wellbeing of your child is pivotal to their learning success.

At St Peter’s we have a dedicated, talented, and professional team who are committed to helping your child succeed.  Our principal, Tim Hildebrandt leads our team, ensuring every student receives a well-rounded education.

Our students and teachers work in partnership each day to achieve learning goals focussed on the skills necessary to be successful in todays’ society.  Our students are provided vast learning opportunities that suit their interests and abilities.

St Peter’s welcomes families from all backgrounds or faith traditions who share in our mission and purpose.

To experience everything St Peter’s has to offer, why not join us for our Year 7 2022 Taster Day.

To register your child’s interest please click the link below.

Year 7 2022 Taster Day RegistrationYear 7 2022 Taster Day Registration