Year 7 and Year 9 NAPLAN Tests

By March 20, 2020 All News

To Yr 7 and Yr 9 parents, carers and students,

Please note the following important information from NESA regarding the cancellation of all NAPLAN tests for 2020:

NAPLAN testing is not proceeding in 2020 to help principals, teachers and school staff focus on student learning during the outbreak of COVID-19.

The nation’s education Ministers met on the 20th of March 2020 deciding to cancel NAPLAN for 2020. The decision was made to provide teachers and principals as much time as possible to focus on the continuation of their students’ education.This decision includes cancellation of:

  • NAPLAN Online practice testing, 23 March – 9 April 2020
  • NAPLAN Online tests, 12 May – 22 May 2020
  • NAPLAN paper tests, 12 – 15 May 2020.

As a result of these cancellations, yr 9 students will not participate in the PRACTICE WRITING SESSION  that was scheduled for next Monday and will attend classes as normal at this time.